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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Gotharaptor in LA!

goth bwd

My Gotharaptor painting is in a group show in LA opening this Saturday!

C E R A S O L I g a l l e r y presents

MEGGS 'Crime & Charity' in Gallery 2

GROUP EXHIBITION 'Urban Myth' in Gallery 1 & 3
Featuring works by: Pure Evil, Zeus, Mysterious Al, Inkie, Chu, Steff Plaetz, China Mike, Mudwig, MauMau, Eco, Andy Council, Sickboy, and SHOK-1

July 11 - August 1, 2009

Reception: Saturday July 11, 7-10 pm

HOURS Tue- Sat 11am - 6pm / TEL. 310 945 5974 / EMAIL


C E R A S O L I Gallery presents 'Urban Myth' a group exhibition in the front galleries curated by Bristol urban artist Graffiti Kingpin INKIE, representing a cross-section of the dominant forces in UK urban art scene: Pure Evil, Zeus, Mysterious Al, Inkie, Steff Plaetz, China Mike, Mudwig, MauMau, Chu, Eco, Andy Council, Sickboy, SHOK-1. One of Australia’s pioneering street to gallery artists, MEGGS 'Crime & Charity’ will be on view in Gallery two. Opens July 11, 2009, and remains on view through August 1, 2009.

In the front Galleries, Bristol’s notorious urban artist Inkie has curated a surprise show for Cerasoli Gallery, 'Urban Myth' a group exhibition that crosses the pond, like Cerasoli Gallery owner, Freddi Cerasoli’s 2002 ‘Street Wise One’ exhibition, which Cerasoli brought to London to exhibit over thirty American street artists. For ‘Urban Myth’ Inkie has selected a cross-section of the UK’s leading street artists: Pure Evil, Zeus, Mysterious Al, Inkie, Steff Plaetz, China Mike, Mudwig, MauMau, Chu, Eco, Andy Council, Sickboy, SHOK-1. Heralding from the infamous Bristol School of Graffiti, Inkie is one of the UK's leading street artists, holding 2nd place title in the World Street Art Championships, and has been identified as Banksy's partner in crime. A dominant presence for over twenty years on the international graffiti scene, Inkie’s trademark intricate imagery is uniquely striking with styles drawn from diverse inspirations, ubiquitous street signage, the architecture of ancient temples, Islamic geometry, and natural psychedelia. Exhibited worldwide, Inkie’s art has been published in the books Banky's Bristol, Children of the Can, Graffiti World and magazines Graphotism and Dazed & Confused, and featured in the 2007 LA graffiti documentary Bomb It, and the British/Brazilian street art documentary Weapon of Choice.

The thirteen artists in ‘Urban Myth’ make their mark wherever possible, creating atmospheric artspaces united by unique visual languages, quirky characters and colorful, dynamic compositions. Using any combination of stencil and freehand painting to create images, these urban artists have been pushing the role of the artist as social commentator and encouraging reconsiderations of art and society for the past twenty years. Graffiti artist Chu creates large-scale works which encourage the viewer to see the world as your studio. Steff Plaetz is one of the original three Scrawl Collective members Plaetz’s instantly recognizable works are among the first generation to pioneer the use of rough sketchbook drawings in finished pieces of art. Pure Evil, street artist and gallery owner, is interested in media-powered communicating with peers through his spectacular works. Andy Council straddles the worlds of street art and illustration, creating distinctive ‘city creatures’ resembling dinosaurs and gargoyles based on architectural features found in Bath and Bristol.

It's an honour to be included in this show along with all these other great artists. Wish I was over there for the opening, I will be visiting sunny Sheffield instead.

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