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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

How to finish this months Blog Fest.hhhhhhmmmmmmm

You cant beat this for an ending!!!!!

Boys who Draw Pot Doodle

The New English: Tectonic Plates

The New English: Tectonic Plates project is based on a small selection of briefs to create some Illustrated plates for a exhibition and book run by Paul Bishop from a company called The New English.
The brief I chose was "Hello" the art of introduction.
The image is based on a real life brief incounter between a drummer who was on a lunch break and a random dog that stormed in to the the rehearsal room who mounted his leg and started to beg for a bit of his cheese and meatball Subway. Rich the drummers first word suprisingly wasn’t “what the fu….” But it was simply "Hello....".

Its quite funny how some briefs you work on for ages coming up with a Good Idea and other times the ideas find you, so a big thanks to Rich and Tinkerbell for their help on this one.

I think some of the other Boys Who Draw have sent in some Submissions, so watch this space.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009


A Squire of great visual Goodness Called David Hughes who is know widely for his vector illustration and handmade zine Koodoo has been a very busy Boy creating a beautiful indie Mag called AMMO.
AMMO is full of delightful images from some of the big Illustration players, as well as a few interviews, including one from The Boys Who Draw's very own Andy Council.

The lovely lines of Gemma Correll and Anke Weckmann.

Artwork by the ill-famouse Ill Design.

Some bloke called Andy :)

Colin Hoods ace creations.

Ammo magazine has be a long time coming and thankfully i'm over the moon with the final product, it looks the fantabulous. You can tell its been put together by people who loves, lives, sleeps,even eats, illustration( well if you could eat it!!!), so i would like to raise a glass of my finest earl grey to all the lovely people at AMMO for supporting the cause and spreading a little slice Picture power to the uk.

This little paper treat is a must have for anyone who loves Illustration, so go to check out the site and buy the mag.

Thursday, 24 September 2009


1.some people in this world might not know who you are and what you do, could you enlighten them please?

My name is Simon Mills I also use the name boredmonkeylove.I am a self confessed doodle addict, you can find my doodles on tshirts, wallslive at Mr Wolfs in Bristol on found objects basically any surface ink, paint andmarkers will stick to. I am also a dab hand with a jigsaw and like to make cutoutdoodles from found wood.

2.when creating a your characters what is your process?

Doodle, doodle, doodle cup of tea and some more doodling. All my characters startlife as part of a mega doodle. I then choose the scribbles that can become monsters,or bearded men, grab a few cloud doodles add a few arms, an illustration or cut outis born.

3.How did you get in laying down lines?

I have been a scribbler and skateboarder since I can remember which feeds the creative process.A boring job a few years ago led me to doodle on every spare bit of paper and old envelope I could get my hands on. I did a degree in Furniture designso the cut outs started back in college. The power of boredom is strong. Embrace it and use itfor creative gain. there any process or techinques that you would like to experiment with to push your styles boundries or just for plain fun?

I really want to take the wooden cut outs to a much larger scale, and use the jigsaw like you would a pen, maybe create a whole world For characters to inhabit. I have a plan for this in the not so far future.

5.if you could draw on something or someone any where in the world, who/what would it be and why?

A bearded man doodle with a penis (image included) on the Brooklyn bridge, my favourite bridge.I have just been looking out of the window at a crane, it would also be cool to paint giraffe necks on them that would look so cool between the dull buildings of Brizzle.

6.if you where being attacked by a bear and you only had a pen to protect yourself what would you do?

Poke him in the eye with the pen and doodle a road out of there. there anyone you would like to throw a some Borat style high 5' at?
familia Claire (doodle wife), Charlie and Maisy doodle kids, All you boys who draw, Gus and co at Drawn recordings, Jude and Mark at Mild West Heroes. And all the skateboarders out there

Lielow and Sketch Exbo News


For those of you who dont know as well as dooderling im also one of the founders of Lielow and Sketch, a lil co-operative that puts on visual events from exhibitions to live drawing nights based in ipswich.

Kicking off October with a bark is the wonderful world of Animal House!

We are absolutely ecstatic to be able to bring to ipswich a collection of some of the most amazing artists and Illustrators producing work today.

All pieces in the show are based on and Animals real, fantastical and fictional, come visit the zoo and check it out

The private view is being held on Friday 9th October, space is limited so if you would like to join us Please send an email us and we will make sure your name is on the list.

Next up to astound you is the SquareRoute Show

Mixing some of the most freshest painters, illustrators and Graffiti artists from the UK and overseas

Each artist is producing two pieces of work the only limitation being placed on them is that the work is to be 50 x 50cm in size

Styles and themes will amaze!

This is one not to be missed… your eyes will be left crying for more!!

The private view is being held on Friday 23rd October, again space is limited so if you would like to join us get in touch quickly

Both Flyers have been produced by a true local hero,Gareth Bayliss or as I like to call him "The DUDE"

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

INTERVIEW: The 5683‏

1.Some people in this world might not know who you are and what you do, could you enlighten them please?

I'm a London based mixed media 2d artist that illustratively puts the fun back in the frankfurter, takes a bunch of puns from the punnet of bananas, in a kind of bedknobs and boobsticks kind of way. I paint with brushes and adore 0.5mm clicky pencils and fineliners. All these things transpire into character based images on paper, canvas, wood and objects.

2.When creating a your characters and other visual delights, where do you get you inspiration from?

Inspirationally there was one strip in The Beano in the early nineties called Calamity James and the story-lines were twisted and the attention to quirky details was abstractly finite for something so simple. These things put it one notch above the other childish tripe that filled those pages. But that was yonks ago and if we get all realistic and psychological its probably all to do with creating a visual treat for myself that shows the beginnings of a far more interesting story-line that's far removed from my insanely inane life that exists outside the corners of the canvas or paper I'm working on. Thus the inspiration is the escapism of it all. I also like fancy dress and talking crap; both these things inadvertently help. Another motivation is the mystery of what drives a human to draw, paint or stencil the same picture for months and months on end. That's something that should be avoided at all costs.

3.How did you get in laying down lines?

My magnificent father was a mover and shaker in the stationary industry. His stationary business was his first and most important child. Because of this, at home there was an abundance of paper and various products to make marks on said paper. I couldn't escape the f**king stuff and now I start clucking if I'm not near a ream of paper or a stick encased mixture of graphite with clay in different degrees of hardness. Tony Hart helped too. R.I.P.

4.Is there any process or techniques that you would like to experiment with to push your styles boundaries or just for plain fun?

Ive had this Dremel engraving gun for a few years now, and used it for the first time on a skateboard the other day. It worked a real treat and I,m keen to do some larger more intricate pieces with it asap. I need to get a few more fine nibs for it but I don't know where to get wood from that isn't some low grade laminate cack and haven't entirely got the time or patience to go wood shopping.

5. Tell me and the fine readers of this blog about Biteproof (A TRULY AMAZING ZINE) and what else have you in store for bite proof?

Biteproof is the answer to the question "why do i keep on seeing the same old bloody images in every other magazine, website, blog or gallery?". Biteproof presents a collection of brand new works specifically made for the mag by internationally recognised artists who for the most part have their feet planted in character based work. Each time, the content consists of pieces that illustrate a set of words that is the issue title. Issue 2 which is coming out soon is called "Cybernetics, Dianetics, and a hypodermic of Mutant genetics". It has aspirations to be a quarterly mag, and issue 3 is to be called "American lies, American highs, and an indigenous dose of Red Indian highs".
The mag challenges the artist to do more than donate 'any old image' and I like to think that they enjoy that and that there is an intrigue as to what take on the title fellow contributors would have made. Its a great way to see how these artists interpret words and how they chose to narrate them. Its also not open to general submission so I can guarantee what I can consider to be the cream of the crop in their game. I want it to keep on looking more professional by the issue whilst staying clear of adverts and unnecessary space wasting text. Its all about the art. The public have been conned by the repetitive banality of streetart and i hope this is a showcase for actual skill and ingenious aesthetic design. Biteproof is for the real connoisseurs of the genres it encompasses.
Keaton Henson(Above)

6. is there anyone you would like to throw a some Borat style high 5' at?
I'd definitely like to say a big thank you to all the past, present and future contributors of Biteproof. Without you its nothing. Obviously. And extra special 5683 goes out to Jenism, who is easily one of the best female drawers out there right now. She's one to watch. Other men said they have seen angels, but I have seen Jenism, and that art enough. Oh yeah and "Ban the stencil, Long live the Pencil!"

See more at :

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

WONDERLAND ( I wish I was there)

Unfortunately I couldn’t make the opening of the wonderland exhibition, but luckily some of the Boys Who Draw was on hand to show off there skills and spread a little visual joy on the presiding as well as sending me a little feedback on this AWESOME EXHIBITION.
These first two pic’s are of the lovely ladies that founded Inkygoodness back in 2008.As well as being VERY good Illustrators Lisa Hassell and Michelle Turton work their little socks off to put on these super smashing great shows, so if you see them in the street or a fancy tea room go give them a big hug as they thoroughly deserve them.
Well done ladies!!

Michelle Turton

Lisa Hassell

Jonathan Edwards/Felt Mistress

Dave Bain

George Mitchell

Dave Bain

you can see work from fellow Boys who Draw, Steve Rack, Simon Wild, Simon Corry and Dave Bain, as well as some of my favourite image makers such as Gemma Correll, George Mitchell and Kate Hindley.
The blog-tastic Steve Rack was on hand to take some undercover Pics to help me with this month’s blog, "THANKS STEVE"!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Artist for Artist Sake Flyer and Talks

A fine artist called christian Nunn and I have been asked to do a talk and flyer design for a series of artist talks and discussions called "Artists for Artists Sake" due to the work we do as Lielow & Sketch.

The Brief was to produce a flyer that complmented both our styles.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

The swan Tshirt Design

A wee T-shirt design for The Swan public house in Ipswich.
The Swan is the only place to go in Ipswich for live drawing nights and a broad range of alternative beats, its the home of nights like The King Street Swap Meet, UPROCK and Rapsloitation.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Moldy Loaf & CutOut shop

Neil and Kay, the lovely people at Moldy Loaf & CutOut shop in Birmingham have taken on some of my credit crunch prints(much cheapness)and they was kindly enough to send me some picks of the prints in their new habitat, I especially like the one that stuck to Neil's Forehead .
The shop is full of ACE illustrated niceties from t-shirts to prints so go and spend some of your hard earned pennies.


ooohhh and don’t forget to tell them Joel sent you :)


A Lovely lady Called Deborah from asked me to produce a illustration for a special edition zine based on tea for their Craftea party,
to celebrate two great British institutes...Craft and Tea!

They will be hosting their tea party in the Vestry House Museum,London and visitors will be able to relax and make some CRAFT while enjoying a cup of tea and a slice of cake mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

To coincide with the event, their tri-monthly Craft-Zine will be on sale during the whole of trail in the E17 Art Trail pop up book shop and in several retail outlets in the area.

In the words of Deborah “This special edition will be a super duper homage to all things TEA related and of course CRAFT”.