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Tuesday, 29 September 2009


A Squire of great visual Goodness Called David Hughes who is know widely for his vector illustration and handmade zine Koodoo has been a very busy Boy creating a beautiful indie Mag called AMMO.
AMMO is full of delightful images from some of the big Illustration players, as well as a few interviews, including one from The Boys Who Draw's very own Andy Council.

The lovely lines of Gemma Correll and Anke Weckmann.

Artwork by the ill-famouse Ill Design.

Some bloke called Andy :)

Colin Hoods ace creations.

Ammo magazine has be a long time coming and thankfully i'm over the moon with the final product, it looks the fantabulous. You can tell its been put together by people who loves, lives, sleeps,even eats, illustration( well if you could eat it!!!), so i would like to raise a glass of my finest earl grey to all the lovely people at AMMO for supporting the cause and spreading a little slice Picture power to the uk.

This little paper treat is a must have for anyone who loves Illustration, so go to check out the site and buy the mag.

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