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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The New English: Tectonic Plates

The New English: Tectonic Plates project is based on a small selection of briefs to create some Illustrated plates for a exhibition and book run by Paul Bishop from a company called The New English.
The brief I chose was "Hello" the art of introduction.
The image is based on a real life brief incounter between a drummer who was on a lunch break and a random dog that stormed in to the the rehearsal room who mounted his leg and started to beg for a bit of his cheese and meatball Subway. Rich the drummers first word suprisingly wasn’t “what the fu….” But it was simply "Hello....".

Its quite funny how some briefs you work on for ages coming up with a Good Idea and other times the ideas find you, so a big thanks to Rich and Tinkerbell for their help on this one.

I think some of the other Boys Who Draw have sent in some Submissions, so watch this space.

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