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Friday, 29 January 2010

Ammo Magazine Issue 2

I am a keen collector of art magazines, and Ammo Magazine is right up there in my top five published art magazines, along with Giant Robot, Juxtapoz, Dangerous Ink and Hi-Fructose.

Ammo Magazine is fresh, and it offers a glimpse into today’s world of contemporary illustration, art and design. It really is a feast for the eyes.

The much anticipated issue 2 of Ammo Magazine is now out and available to buy, and it is jam packed with 64 pages of pure eye candy.

Nick Deakin’s cover illustration did make me smile (very bottom pic), and it is his brightly coloured, vibrant and fun art that sets the bold colour theme for this issue.

Interviews with Julian Callos, Chelsie Sixsmith, Gemma Correll and Inkygoodness feature, along with a sweet collection of art by a variety of artists, including Squink!, Dave Bain (picture below), Uberkraaft, Mr Kone, Linzie Hunter and Dean Zappy, to name but a few. There is also an illustration in there by me, based on my (Steve Rack) Toe Fluff characters. It’s great to be in such good company.

I was particularly pleased to see that that the super-talented artists, and founders of art collective Inkygoodness, Lisa Hassell and Michelle Turton, have a prominent feature within these pages.

All of the art featured here is so distinct, imaginative and inspiring, but if I could pick out one piece of art from the pages of Ammo Issue 2 to stick on my wall, it would have to be Squink!’s boldly tragic, yet strangely enchanting masterpiece on page 39. (picture at the top of this post)

If you love art, then I highly recommend that you purchase yourself a copy of Ammo Magazine. That way you can own little bit of art history in the making.

Buy! Press here:

Sunday, 24 January 2010 Interview Simon Corry

Months and months ago I interviewed Simon Corry about his imaginative world: My Last Star - specifically to feature at my character blog/site Well, finally I have published it! Cheers Simon! Here is a direct link.

Also, I have an interview with Jam Factory/Gavin Strange to be published next week just in time for the launch of his new Droplets.

For those that haven't really had a look over at, it really is worth a look if you are into character art, whether it be plush toys, street art, urban vinyl, etc. I have some really cool interviews over there with artists including Bubi Au Yeung (Treeson), Ben the Illustrator, Dan Goodsell (Mr Toast), 64 Colors, Abe Lincoln JR and, ofcourse, Simon Corry, as well as several others.



Friday, 15 January 2010

Tonight's the Night

Andy Council's solo show launches tonight at the Weapon of Choice Gallery in Bristol. Above are details (click to enlarge)!

Thursday, 14 January 2010


This came to my attention today, it's a very sad piece of news related to the disaster in Haiti.

A friend, Sarah Larnach (who you'll know as the cover artist for the Ladyhawke album) has had mega troubles with her family who where working in the area.

"My sister Emily lives and works for the U.N. in Haiti with her family (husband and 3 children), and they have been devastated by the earthquake which struck on January 13th. As of right now, January 14th, only two members of the family are accounted for."

In order to try and help Sarah is auctioning off original artwork to raise funds for the relief effort.

"This is the first time any of the artwork related to the Ladyhawke self-titled album, or its singles, has been put up for sale. I had been waiting for the right moment, and this must be it. This painting, and cd's are being sold to raise funds for relief in Haiti."

Show your support: Spread the word. Link to eBay below. Check out the amazing piece of art up for sale. Rare-Ladyhawke_W0QQitemZ280451182996

Monday, 11 January 2010


What a day. What crazy snowy weather we are having! I managed to retrieve my car today from a pretty awkward spot down the road. The joys of living on a steep incline.

Well, today has been a good day. My new Satio phone arrived today. I was going to go for the iPhone, but I just can't get over how bad the photos come out! Sorry, iPhone, you need to get with the times! People have been using good quality camera video phones for years. I think it's time you upped your game. I was tempted to hold out for the new Google phone, that was until I discovered it has a slide out key pad (that's so 2002). I am pretty snap happy and low resolution photos do my head in, so I think my new 12 mega pixel Satio will suit me just fine - look out for non art random pics on my Flickr - until the novelty wears off that is.

Speaking of pictures, I have just been having a browse through all the amazing characters at my daily blog (which by the way is now open for submissions). I rarely actually sit down and properly take it all in. I have to say that there are some super talented character artists featured there!

Here is a video I did short while ago as a collaboration with Playsoundz. (If you're reading this on a Facebook note, you won't be able to see the video - press here.)

PS. Check out this cool urban art site that launched TODAY called:

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Character Submissions Welcome

Hi all. I took a mini break from accepting submissions for, as my inbox was ballooning a little too much. However, I have now re-opened the doors for submissions. More info here.


Friday, 8 January 2010


Here are just a couple of exhibitions to look out for this month.

The Cut Click Mail Art exhibition will feature my work and Simon Wild's, along with all of these lovely artists: Adoxographic Editions, Stuart Adams, Will Adams, Lesley Barnes, Jonathan Ben-Abeer, Rebecca Bold, Jeffrey Bowman, Alice Bradshaw, Dan Button, Chloe Cook, Emma Cowley, Warren Craghead, Abigail Daker, Sp:ke Dennis, Sarah Ferrari, Red Fox, Patrick Holley, Jellyface, Layer, Chris Lillywhite, Graham Lister, Littleclouds, Le McLennan, MrYen, Munano, Louise Norman, Marie-Louise Plum, S. Riemer, Tigz Rice, Fabio Sassi, Roberto Scala, David Shillinglaw, Penny Tristram, Darren Turner, Caroline Twidle, Simon Warren, Alexis West, Stuart West, April Virgoe - should be quite a show!

A show I am real excited about seeing is Andy Council's solo show (see details below - you can click on the image to enlarge it).

And I really hope this snow clears up soon!


Monday, 4 January 2010

I Like

Seems a bit weird writing a blog post about another blog post, but I will anyway.

I just thought I'd share with you that daily character blogging has commenced at after a short holiday break. For those that don't know, is a website that I set up last year all about characters from around the world, including regular character submissions and interviews with fellow artists that enjoy drawing characters. Artists so far interviewed include Ben the Illustrator, Dan Goodsell, 64 Colors and several more.

The first blog post of the decade features Sir Fiddlehead by Kristin Tercek. Check out