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Thursday, 14 January 2010


This came to my attention today, it's a very sad piece of news related to the disaster in Haiti.

A friend, Sarah Larnach (who you'll know as the cover artist for the Ladyhawke album) has had mega troubles with her family who where working in the area.

"My sister Emily lives and works for the U.N. in Haiti with her family (husband and 3 children), and they have been devastated by the earthquake which struck on January 13th. As of right now, January 14th, only two members of the family are accounted for."

In order to try and help Sarah is auctioning off original artwork to raise funds for the relief effort.

"This is the first time any of the artwork related to the Ladyhawke self-titled album, or its singles, has been put up for sale. I had been waiting for the right moment, and this must be it. This painting, and cd's are being sold to raise funds for relief in Haiti."

Show your support: Spread the word. Link to eBay below. Check out the amazing piece of art up for sale. Rare-Ladyhawke_W0QQitemZ280451182996

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