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Friday, 29 January 2010

Ammo Magazine Issue 2

I am a keen collector of art magazines, and Ammo Magazine is right up there in my top five published art magazines, along with Giant Robot, Juxtapoz, Dangerous Ink and Hi-Fructose.

Ammo Magazine is fresh, and it offers a glimpse into today’s world of contemporary illustration, art and design. It really is a feast for the eyes.

The much anticipated issue 2 of Ammo Magazine is now out and available to buy, and it is jam packed with 64 pages of pure eye candy.

Nick Deakin’s cover illustration did make me smile (very bottom pic), and it is his brightly coloured, vibrant and fun art that sets the bold colour theme for this issue.

Interviews with Julian Callos, Chelsie Sixsmith, Gemma Correll and Inkygoodness feature, along with a sweet collection of art by a variety of artists, including Squink!, Dave Bain (picture below), Uberkraaft, Mr Kone, Linzie Hunter and Dean Zappy, to name but a few. There is also an illustration in there by me, based on my (Steve Rack) Toe Fluff characters. It’s great to be in such good company.

I was particularly pleased to see that that the super-talented artists, and founders of art collective Inkygoodness, Lisa Hassell and Michelle Turton, have a prominent feature within these pages.

All of the art featured here is so distinct, imaginative and inspiring, but if I could pick out one piece of art from the pages of Ammo Issue 2 to stick on my wall, it would have to be Squink!’s boldly tragic, yet strangely enchanting masterpiece on page 39. (picture at the top of this post)

If you love art, then I highly recommend that you purchase yourself a copy of Ammo Magazine. That way you can own little bit of art history in the making.

Buy! Press here:


  1. that looks awesome! thanks for sharing, I want to get it!

  2. Hello there, I just came across your blog through other blogs, and it lush.
    I was also wondering how you do your changing title? Would be ace if you could help.
    Hope your well xx

  3. I'm loving your blog at the moment.

    And Ammo Mag looks amazing.