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Monday, 11 January 2010


What a day. What crazy snowy weather we are having! I managed to retrieve my car today from a pretty awkward spot down the road. The joys of living on a steep incline.

Well, today has been a good day. My new Satio phone arrived today. I was going to go for the iPhone, but I just can't get over how bad the photos come out! Sorry, iPhone, you need to get with the times! People have been using good quality camera video phones for years. I think it's time you upped your game. I was tempted to hold out for the new Google phone, that was until I discovered it has a slide out key pad (that's so 2002). I am pretty snap happy and low resolution photos do my head in, so I think my new 12 mega pixel Satio will suit me just fine - look out for non art random pics on my Flickr - until the novelty wears off that is.

Speaking of pictures, I have just been having a browse through all the amazing characters at my daily blog (which by the way is now open for submissions). I rarely actually sit down and properly take it all in. I have to say that there are some super talented character artists featured there!

Here is a video I did short while ago as a collaboration with Playsoundz. (If you're reading this on a Facebook note, you won't be able to see the video - press here.)

PS. Check out this cool urban art site that launched TODAY called:

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