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Monday, 10 August 2009

Various odds & ends to ease you into the beginning of the week

1) Some pages from my sketchbook (which was expertly made by image maker Elle Farnham). Mostly me trying to work out little ideas or basically getting carried away with a pattern or two.

2) Two wonderful people of Bristol (Owen & Vicki) who go under the name 'Canola Tenderfoot', when making lovely music, are offering up their latest 4-track EP for free download. All four tracks can be downloaded using the links below:[version].mp3

Something to draw along to...

3) I've uploaded all of the images from a children's book recently completed onto my blog. I've also popped up preview images of my piece for the 'Decked' exhibition (more info coming soon). Click here to have a looksee...

4) The Guardian Weekend published a wonderful article on Margaret Kilgallen on Saturday just gone. Inspirational stuff and well worth checking out her work. She was so skilled in huge installations, typography and creating captivating and oddly coloured drawings/paintings.


  1. Love this typography :-)

    from ARD

  2. check out the beautiful losers film,Margaret Kilgallen,barry mcgee, plus more spiffing types:)