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Friday, 7 August 2009

Tim Lane at 'The Knifesmith Gallery' (Bristol)

I'm popping down to the Knifesmith Gallery tonight to see Tim Lane's new work. Will post up some images on here from that tomorrow... Here's some info:

"The Innocents?" by Tim Lane

Tim Lane graduated from Falmouth College of Arts in 2004 with a first class (BA Hons) degree in Illustration. Since then he finds himself naturally gravitating toward the fine art market; preferring the greater creative freedom enjoyed in terms of style and subject matter.

The degree- in which Tim concentrated primarily on book illustration- did however help give structure to his love for working directly from his imagination and gives his art its narrative quality. It also encouraged a passion for drawing, which is at the core of all his work.

Tim grew up in Cheltenham but is now based in Bristol where he has exhibited work extensively. He won ‘The People’s Prize’ and ‘The Bristol Arts Consortium Prize’ for the painting ‘The Death Of Childhood’ in Bristol Art Show 07 at Centrespace Gallery.

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