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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Mike O'Shea ~ Interview

MIKE O'SHEA an exclusive interview

Starting from today, the most exciting 'DECKED' exhibition opens at 'Stolenspace Gallery' on Brick Lane, London. As well as myself and others from the marvelous BOYS WHO DRAW collective, the show features established talent from around the UK. One such creative chappy is MIKE O'SHEA who has submitted a rather amusing board for display (you'll have to go and see the exhibition, if you want to see it, as he's been very secretive - although I had a sneaky peek and his image did give me the willies!) Here's our quick-fire interview with the man himself:
1) What got you into drawing?
I was a wee baby when I started drawing. I didn’t know what I was doing back then.
I’d say my older brother was the one I looked up to as a child. I used to copy his draws a lot, but they never looked as good as his. He still inspires me to keep drawing.
2) How would you describe your artwork?
I hate this bit! I’d say humour plays a big part in it. I like to draw things that I find funny. Life can be very serious if your not careful.

3) What are your influences?
Skateboarding is a big part of my life and everything that goes along with it.
Artists that I’m stoked on are Stefan Marx, Ed Templeton and my friend Paul AKA Arserott. His stuff is so flipping good.
There are loads more people that influence me, but I have brain freeze.

4) What's been your favourite event/exhibition which you've been part of?

Couldn't say yet.
5) You skate quite a bit and have been painting images on decks for a while now. What are you doing with that work?
Well I’ve done a board for the ‘DECKED’ exhibition which you (Bain) are also part of. By the way your boards are rad. (*ed. note: I didn’t put Mike up to this.)

I want to do an exhibition in Bristol with like 40 of my hand painted boards. Perhaps, cover a room with them: a big fat feast for the eyes. Watch this space!
6) Where on earth do you get your rude ideas from?
From my stupid brain: bad, bad brain!! I don’t know, it’s just what I find funny tends to be a bit rude sometimes.

7) How do you get yourself off your arse in the morning and into Mr Artiste mode?
It’s not hard really, you’ve just got to get up and go. I like being up early in the morning and seeing all the suits going to work motivates me to not be one of them.

8) How are you going to take over the world / Any big plans in the pipeline?

Well, I’ll have some work in the new INKYGOODNESS exhibition in Birmingham in the beginning of September. I also want to have that show in Bristol, which I mentioned earlier.

I have a few big ideas but nothing concrete enough to say just yet. Check back with me in a couple months.
9) Have you a snappy piece of advice for budding artist types?
Yeah, if your not having fun, do something else. If you are having fun, then keep doing it. Also, do it for yourself and no one else.

Oh yeah, and chicks dig guys who draw. ;)
10) What's your favourite cheese?
Stilton or mature cheddar, yumm smelly breathe.

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