Boys Who Draw Collective

Sunday, 15 November 2009


I saw this collection and immediately fell in love. This is the work of Doktor A and the Mechtorians.

Raised by the military and monitored by men in white coats until he was 16. Doktor A has always scribbled monsters. "You will never make a living drawing little men" said a teacher once. They were nearly right. He has to draw, design and build little men to make a living.

These dubious skills have seen him work in theatre, Tv, advertising, magazines, toy design, merchandising and the music industry. He lives under a hill in the UK. From there he monitors the world's off-kilter-culture and produces his dark twisted dreams. Character driven clashes of urban pop culture, classic children's stories and neo-Victorian industrial neverlands.

Visit the Mechtorians site.

Visit the Spookypop site.



  1. This is amazing! Wonderful blog by the by :D

  2. sooooo great!!!!!!!

    hello from south-east :)